Green Valley Ranch is a wonderful community and we want to protect it.  We have joined together as concerned parents, residents, and community members.

We believe you will share our sense of urgency regarding this matter.

Oakwood Homes has sold the mineral rights east of Green Valley Ranch to Anadarko Petroleum Corp.  They will begin hydraulic fracturing just east of Piccadilly Road in the fields near Florida Pitt Waller.

This process of hydraulic fracturing has been receiving national recognition for both it’s potential to give the U.S. energy independence but also for the serious concerns for human health and the environment.

Health Risks associated with fracking

March 2012 the University of Colorado at Anshultz released a study entitled “Human Health Risk Assessment of Air Emissions from Development of Unconventional Natural Gas Resources.”  The study found that people living within a half-mile of oil- and gas-well fracking operations were exposed to air pollutants five times above a federal hazard standard.

The American Lung Association, the American Public Health Association, the Amercan Thoracic Society, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America Trust for America’s Health sent a letter to the EPA Director the Honorable Lisa Jackson asking for;

“On behalf of our nation’s medical and public health groups, we urge the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to adopt the strongest possible standards to reduce harmful emissions from the production wells, processing plants, transmission pipelines, and storage units within the oil and natural gas industry. As public health groups and medical societies, we are keenly aware of the harmful health effects of these air pollutants. Research has shown that these pollutants can harm the circulatory, respiratory, nervous, and other essential and vital life systems. These emissions can even cause cancer, developmental disorders, and premature death.”

The American Academy of Pediatrics has also published a document to inform health professionals of these dangers:

“Children are more vulnerable to environmental hazards. They eat, drink, and breathe more than adults on a pound for pound basis. Research has also shown that children are not able to metabolize some toxicants as well as adults due to immature detoxification processes. Moreover, the fetus and young child are in a critical period of development when toxic exposures can have profound negative effects.”

While we may be among one of many Denver communities to have this issue arise, other communities have been fighting for clean air and water for some time.  Below there are links to help frame the issues facing Green Valley Ranch within a broader scope.

Links to reference:

Green Valley Voice article announcing the sale of the mineral rights and a public meeting scheduled for Tuesday, at 7 p.m. at the Evie Dennis Campus: http://www.mygvr.org/story/mineral-development

Denver Post article on the study conducted by UCD: http://www.denverpost.com/breakingnews/ci_20210720/cu-denver-study-links-fracking-higher-concentration-air

“Human Health Risk Assessment of Air Emissions from Development of Unconventional Natural Gas Resources.” http://www.tcgasmap.org/media/Health%20Risk%20Assessment%20Garfield%20Ritter%209-10.pdf

Letter to EPA Director from American Lung Association and other health agencies: http://www.lung.org/get-involved/advocate/advocacy-documents/air-standards-oil-gas.pdf

American Academy of Pediatrics: The Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Units (PEHSU) Network publication on hydraulic fracturing and children: http://aoec.org/pehsu/documents/hydraulic_fracturing_and_children_2011_health_prof.pdf

Ft. Worth League of Neighborhoods Recommendations for Policy Changes for Gas Drilling Near Schools http://www.fwlna.org/documents/ISDReport.pdf


February 23, 2012 Colorado Oil and Gas Commission, COGCC, had a meeting to initiate the Setback Stakeholder Group. It was a determined that the approach to this review would be to identify the issues that result from the existing well location setback rules and then gather scientific and factual information to support either the existing rule or a change to the rule or perhaps create a policy to deal with specific situations. The data that was gathered in this process would be posted on the COGCC website on pages specific to this stakeholder group.


University of Colorado Denver, Colorado School of Public Health, Denver, Colorado